Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thanks, Mom!

A small ode to my mother. For all the help you have given me over the past year, which has been majorly significant. For all the encouragement you have doled out to me when I needed it. For continuing to pick up the phone when I call, even when it's not convenient for you and you have your own life and stuff to deal with. For answering my requests, even when it is "I need a pep talk" or "Could you send the things I forgot?". For not judging my mothering and relationship decisions. For just loving me. And for watching my kids for 48 hours so that Nicholas and I could get away, you are amazing and I love you. For giving the kids back and declaring Olivia "a delight" and thanking me for letting you watch them, you are a saint and a wonderful mother and grandmother. I love you!

Grandma Dorothy with the kids.

Grandpop Steve with Leo.

Grandma Clara with Leo.