Thursday, August 23, 2012

Since we've been back...

Now that I finally caught up on the trip posts, I can tell you what we've been up to since we've been back. Nicholas was fantastic about helping get everything unloaded and unpacked the evening we came home so that everything would be ready for us to go to work the following day and for the house not to be a disaster for the babysitter. Did I tell you that Olivia and Leo's Mom's Morning Out follows the Tuscaloosa City School schedule, and they were off from August 1 to 19. So, I got our sweet babysitter, Caroline, to babysit on my working days. I actually got more time in because I didn't have to drive to and from their school, which was nice. And, Olivia and Leo love Caroline. Win, win!

Stephanie sent home some dress-up outfits for Olivia to play in, and I found a couple of tiaras in my old bedroom at Mom's house that I got in high school. The two make for good times for Olivia.

We've also been painting at Olivia's request.

Now that the evenings are a little more pleasant, our backyard and our neighborhood playground are much more attractive. We've been to the playground with our friend and neighbor Jennifer and her two kids Mary Grace and John Paul, who each about six weeks younger than my two kids, so are great playmates. Olivia likes to run and fall in the backyard and pretend she is an animal in trouble. Here she says, "Ayudame!" which means "Help" in spanish.

Leo is sitting up on his own now, which is a huge milestone for him and for me since it means that I can sit him down and go put out other fires. Here he is outside on the blanket while Olivia is running around. She pretended that he was her pony and she had to keep him in his stall, the blanket. Those toys, she says, are pony toys.

Leo is just about too big for his sink bathtub, which I hate because (1) that means he is not my little baby anymore and (2) it's less convenient for me to use the inflatable tub in a big tub since I lean over. But, we did use the duck tub at Mutti's house, and it went well, so the days of this sink tub are very limited.

Olivia loves the "pink" oranges we bought at Target this week. They are Cara Cara oranges, and she ate three the first day we brought them home all by herself.

We also went to gymnastics last Friday, and the kids started school on Monday for the fall. (I am a terrible mom on that front. No pictures because I didn't feel like it was big deal since it had been just three weeks since the summer program. Well, I was wrong because Olivia changed classrooms and got a new teacher, and Leo got a new teacher. Olivia has a curriculum this year, and Leo has a fixed schedule! Yay! Everything is organized and awesome! Olivia has music class on Monday, CompuChild on Wednesday, and gymnastics on Friday. We will still be going to gymnastics on Tuesdays and to library story time on Thursday, so she is booked! Leo's teacher is super great, and I am excited about his schedule, too. Her room is decorated with birds and looks really stimulating. More on all that later.)

I started my Monday, Wednesday, Friday work week then, too. All went well except that everyone got sick on Monday afternoon/Tuesday, and I had to keep the kids home from school on Wednesday. It is just a cold, but I hate to infect everyone in Leo and Olivia's classrooms, and Leo was having a hard time nursing because his nose was so runny. Olivia was totally puny, too. Wednesday was a really rough day because Leo's sleep has taken on a life of it's own with him waking every 15-20 minutes for the first three hours after we put him down. It is awful!! This has been going on for weeks, and finally, Wednesday night after three REALLY bad nights, I couldn't take it. I brought back the late afternoon nap and decided Leo must be on a better schedule, worked!! I guess not having that late afternoon nap was totally throwing him. So, now he is taking a nap at 9AM, 1PM, and 5PM and then going to bed for the night between 7:30 and 8:30. Cross your fingers, last night was better, and tonight so far has been better.

And just so you know that Leo is happy despite the sleep and the cold, here he is laughing at Olivia who is pretending to be a frog outside on our driveway.

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  1. whew! that post made me tired! :)

    we have got to get olivia & abby together soon - they would have a ball both pretending to be animals!!

    also - abby goes to school MWF and we hope to do gymnastics tues and library thurs, so looking forward to seeing you guys.