Monday, August 13, 2012

From my phone!!! Driving up!

I finally downloaded the blogger app for my phone, so while I have some down time today, I thought I would try it.

We headed north on Thursday. Getting on the road was eventful because a serious storm started that morning and knocked out our power. We had already been dealing with our refrigerator going out, so I was totally relying on the deep freeze for milk storage. Thankfully, the power came back on just before we left. Nicholas drove us through the storm. We had to pull over under an overpass at one point because it was storming so heavily. It let up about an hour north of Birmingham and the rest of the trip was smooth.

The kids were great. We read a lot of Dora books, ate lunch in the car, ran around the rest areas, and watched two Dora episodes on the iPad. Leo napped twice, and Olivia napped once.

We made it to Mutti's place around 6:30. Olivia was so excited to see her! Olivia remembered where her closet of toys was and immediately started to play. Jane loved seeing how big and bouncy Leo was. Uncle Chuck came over and played, too. Leo and I drove to my parents' place to spend the night, while Nicholas and Olivia spent the night at Jane's. Everyone slept well! Thanks to the grandmas for making us feel so welcome!


  1. Glad you made it safely! Hope you're having a nice trip!!

  2. Hooray for blogger app; it worked well. How is typing on the phone going?