Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Skipping 4 at French Lick

<p>I'll post about Friday with Nicholas's mom and grandma and Saturday with Nicholas's dad and his wife when I get back since those pictures are on my camera. On Sunday, Nicholas, the kids, and I ate lunch with my parents, Grandma Clara, sister Stephanie, her husband Brandon, and their kids Craig and Abby. After getting the kids stuff situated and Leo down for a nap, Nicholas and I took off for two nights on our own. </p>

We drove through Cordon up 62 past his old house, which is where we got married. We made it up to French Lick, which is a resort town based on the mineral springs there. There is also a casino there, but we didn't partake. When we checked in, they upgraded our room because I showed them our AAA card. The hotel is beautiful and our room was gorgeous.

We went out for the most expensive dinner we ever paid for that night. We both dressed up and we're excited for our night out. Totally worth it! Steak, lobster macaroni, asparagus, and bananas foster. Yum!!!

On Monday we ate breakfast together, then I went to the spa for a massage. It was awesome! We went over to the other hotel in the resort, West Baden, to tour later. Then we saw a late matinee of Barman. Loved it, too! When we got back, we went to the bowling alley and pizzeria in the basement of our hotel. We had pizza and stromboli and bowled two games. The pizza was great and the bowling was fun. My arm was tired by the end. We went to West Baden's indoor pool next. It is a beautiful place with plush lounges. It was nice to swim without the kids.

In the morning we ate at Denny's, stopped by the winery for gifts, and headed back. What a wonderful trip!


  1. I am so glad the two of you got a mini vacation together! Tony and I love it when we can lose the kids, even if it's only for one night in Greenville. The place you guys went sounds great!

  2. Yay for some adult time together! You totally deserve it :)