Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I have no idea why my videos didn't upload to YouTube. It says they failed to process. Annoying. I'll try to figure that one out in my spare time...

And here is another picture from the weekend of Nicholas and Olivia at the playground. Olivia is such a little copy cat. She saw another little girl go down the slide on her belly, so she did, too. Then Olivia wanted to go on the monkey bars because the other kids were doing it. I guess that is how development goes at this age.

Olivia's imagination continues to amaze me. She wanted to be "Super Bunny" today, which is in reference to one of her Max and Ruby episodes where Max has on a cape and pretends to be Super Bunny. We tied one of her long sleeved pink dresses around her neck like a cape, and she flew around the backyard. Dragons continues to be a favorite game; horses, too; and now princesses since Nicholas put up her princess tent that we got her for Christmas, but I put back since I felt like we bought her too much. Pictures, soon.

And, for those of you wanting to get Olivia a gift for her birthday and you want ideas, here are a few:
  • Books -- anything, now. They don't have to be board books. She especially likes Max and Ruby books, Backyardigan books, Olivia books, and anything to do with animals.
  • Hair bows on clips -- we live in the south and these girls are decked out all the time. The only big one she has is the white one in the picture below.
  • Pretend doctor kit
  • She doesn't need clothes, but if you decide to get her some, she is a size 2T.

    In other news, Olivia has started hitting Leo and me in the past few days. Not hard, but enough that she knows she shouldn't be doing it. It is usually while I am nursing Leo and she wants my attention. We are working this out. I told her we would have some special time just she and I this week. I think we've been running around a little too much, and in the hurry, we haven't had a lot of quality cuddle time.

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