Monday, April 30, 2012

Better, but still tired

Leo woke last night at 10:30, 11:30, and 3:30, but I pacified him those times and ended up feeding him at 1:30 and 4:45. Better. Now if I can stop him from waking those in between times we'll be golden for a while.

I never could get those other videos to upload to YouTube. Here are some new ones on the little camera.

And here is Olivia pretending to be Super Bunny today. Notice the "cape", the dirty face (from eating chocolate), and no pants because we had just gotten back from the pool and I couldn't find her shorts. Good times!

Another pool day!

In other news, after less than a week of having a certain Max and Ruby book checked out from the library, Olivia can now recite the song that Ruby and Louise "sing" in the book. Olivia was singing it all day today. It goes like this:

Brown sugar, applesauce, spices, flour
Put them in the oven for half and hour
Bake, bubble, bubble, bake
Apple pie is fun to make!


  1. It sounds like you made progress last night. Evidently, 4 months is when the sleeping patterns start to coalesce. Hang in there a little longer!

    I'm so glad you guys have that pool!!! It seems like the perfect place to entertain the kiddies!

  2. Great videos! :) Makes me feel like I'm not so far away!