Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter weekend

Here is Olivia with the first honey suckles of the season at the playground. The air smelled so sweet on Saturday! Loved it!

Here is Olivia on the new horse at the playground. She has been so funny wanting to play cowgirl and/or horses (where she pretends to actually be a horse) at the playground. She can get on and off this horse, too, which is fantastic for me with Leo.

And Leo has been having a good time at the playground, too. Isn't he cute? (Of course, on Easter itself, Leo and I were having a rough day. He was eating every two hours and I was exhausted!!)

Here is Leo doing some of his pseudo-tummy time. He is getting so strong!!

And this is Olivia on the Jump-O-Lene that Uncle Charlie bought her. Now she wants to go out in the backyard as soon as she wakes up in the morning. She loves it!

Here are a couple of pictures with Daddy on Easter morning. Olivia was so excited that the Easter Bunny came to our house. Later when we went for a walk in the neighborhood, she kept saying, "I can't find Easter Bunny!" Whenever she talks about her new bubble machine or the other toys she got, she says, "Easter Bunny so nice!" or "Easter Bunny brought me candy!"


  1. Wow! That bubble machine is epic! Looks like Olivia had a great easter! Sorry you were so tired ... hope you've been able to catch up on your sleep since then ...

    Also, I think Leo looks a bit like your nephew Craig in that first picture :)

  2. I agree. What is the brand of the epic bubble machine? I just picked up bubble "shooters" for the boys yesterday, but I want one of those too. You are the coolest mom ever to do it in the house!!!
    I hope the Easter bunny left some extra chocolate for you. ;)