Sunday, April 29, 2012

Schedule. What schedule?

Unfortunately, Leo is not on a schedule at all and I am so tired the past couple of days feeding him. Growth spurt? I don't know, but he ate every 2-2.5 hours today. And last night he was up three hours after I put him to bed, then every hour and a half because I brought him to bed to nurse and we both kept falling asleep after he finished just one side. Ugh. Tonight I am promising myself to get up and take him to the nursery to nurse and make him finish. His lack of schedule is totally my fault because we do so much running with Olivia to story time, gymnastics, etc. Mostly, we've been okay with it because one of his naps falls into Olivia's two hour afternoon nap, so I usually get at least 30 minutes of a nap everyday. But the past couple of nights have been tiring, so I am tired, which means I have to evaluate. I also am either getting mastitis again or I have a plugged duct. Oh, joy. Otherwise, though, breastfeeding is going well.

This weekend, we went to a birthday party for one of our neighbors who was born on the same day as Olivia. It was a Mickey birthday party at Bower's park. They had a great location--shaded with a great play area. I should have gotten some pictures, but this is the only one I got while we ate lunch at the end of the party. We left early because Leo needed to eat and we had already been the an hour a half. Olivia, on the way home, said, "I had so much fun at the party!" Me, too!

Nicholas took Olivia to the pool and playground on his own on Friday afternoon while I did a few things around the house and nursed Leo. Then, we all went to the pool and playground Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Fun was had by all, I think. Here are some pictures.

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  1. You look so beautiful! Glad to see a pic of you on here :) Hope you get some good sleep soon!