Monday, April 23, 2012

Another week has passed

I'm the worst blogger lately. I didn't even do a special post when Leo ROLLED OVER!! It was Thursday of last week and we were doing tummy time on the floor when he decided he was done. He rolled over from belly to back, which is the opposite way that Olivia first rolled over. He hasn't done it since, but it looks like he is really working on rolling over from back to belly now.

We've had another great week. Last Monday we had a playdate with my friend Rachel and her baby Sol, who is two weeks younger than Leo. Tuesday morning is MMO for Olivia and in the afternoon we go to Baby Talk class, which is a class led by the Child Development Center on campus that talks about baby/toddler issues and has toys for the kids to play with. They also do songs and stories each week. Nicholas came with us, and I got to go to a yoga class Tuesday night. Awesome!! Wednesday is story time at the library. Thursday is MMO for Olivia, and Friday morning is gymnastics. Saturday we went to the Back Yard Bash sponsored by the Child Development Center. It was awesome. There were lots of stations: snacks, bubbles, face-painting, music, obstacle course, sidewalk chalk, painting, and story time. Olivia's favorite was the obstacle course, and thanks to her (intentionally) squeaky shoes, she was a hit with everyone. We had loads of fun. The rest of the weekend was mostly family time, and that was great, too. Nicholas planted Leo's tree. (Devout blog readers will remember that we planted a willow oak for Olivia the year she was born.) We planted a magnolia for Leo.

Olivia with her face painted.

You can see the obstacle course in the background, which consisted of a sack race, hula hoops to hop through, a box to crawl through, and then a space to run to the finish line.

Olivia loves running around the house. Here she is chasing Daddy, yelling, "More running, Daddy!"

And for all those interested, Leo and I have almost made it to my second breastfeeding goal of 12 weeks (on Wednesday). It's gotten much easier, as I can often feed him in 20 minutes. I only pump once a day or sometimes none, which is my favorite. Leo continues to grow and be happy, so I think all is going well. Except that I bring Leo into our bed for the last feeding of the night, which I know is a bad habit. Here he is this morning with Nicholas. So cute!

And I am uploading videos of Leo cooing to YouTube as I type. I promise to post links next time!


  1. I'm glad it was a great week. Very busy!! (I'd rather you HAVE lots of fun than post about it!)
    I love the picture of Leo and Nicholas. That reminds me of Tony and John. Although that is exactly how Christopher slept when he was a baby...

  2. Olivia is looking like such a little lady! And Leo looks pretty grown up in that little sweater too :) Sounds like things are going well. Happy for you!