Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And waiting...

I am shocked to have made it this far in this pregnancy. Since starting to have contractions at 24 weeks, then being to the hospital three times starting at 28 weeks, then being in the hospital in pre-term labor at just shy of 35 weeks. I am shocked. But, good for Leo! I am glad that he has had more time to grow and develop. Last night, I thought it was time. I was so tired when we put Olivia down for bed that I went to sleep at 7. Contractions woke me at 9 and they were the worst I've had so far. They came every three minutes for about two hours. I took a shower during this time and warned Nicholas to get some rest. I couldn't sleep. By 11, though, the contractions started slowing down. My last timing was 6 minutes apart at 11:40, and I fell asleep. I was up again at 12:30, but they were 8 minutes apart. Today they are just coming randomly again. Oh, Leo! I'm ready!

In the mean time, Nicholas put together the double stroller, and Olivia loves her seat.

And Olivia's concentration in painting took on a whole new level the other night.

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  1. We're ready for Leo to arrive as well! I'm sure you are exhausted, but it shouldn't be long now.

    Two other things - I love the painting setup with the little hand pallette. Also, the shelves in the background look good - very modern sleek.