Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Little Leo in a little labor

So, Leo and I spent New Year's Eve in Northport DCH. After waking me from my nap on Friday afternoon, my contractions were painful and about five minutes apart. I called the doctor and she said to come on in as I was a day shy of 35 weeks, and delivery was not what we wanted to happen. When I got there, the nurse said I was a "stretchy" 3 centimeters dilated. The on-call doctor said this is preterm labor, that I wasn't going home, and hooked me up with IV fluids and a steroid shot for Leo's lungs in case he made is appearance. I called Nicholas and he took Olivia to one of our friends' houses for the afternoon. Once the contractions started slowing down, Nicholas went home to get Olivia. My sister Stephanie said she would come down the next day to help. I was in the hospital Friday night and Saturday night. They gave me a second steroid shot on Saturday evening. The on call doctor on Friday and Saturday said that if I got to go home, I would be on bed rest for at least a week until I hit 36 weeks. Luckily for me, Dr. Chwe was on call on Sunday morning. He said that a cervix is shaped like a cone, and although I am technically 4 cm dilated, the inner valve is only 1.5 cm. He said that I didn't have to be on bed rest, but I should "take it easy." I was thrilled about this and almost sent Stephanie home on Monday. Thank goodness I didn't because I am up and down as far as how well I feel. Sometimes it is painful for me to sit up or walk. Last night I had regular, almost painful contractions most of the night and throughout this morning, and I thought I was in labor. I had another appointment today, and my dilation hasn't changed. It looks like I may be in this state of "labor" where nothing is really happening for a while. It is too early in my pregnancy to speed it up. It is too late in my pregnancy to stop it. It's exhausting.

At my appointment today, I was up 20 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight--much less than where I was with Olivia at this time. But, I think my belly looks similarly large, even if different in shape. Also, Dr. Chwe showed me how Leo is positioned--head down, but up on my left side, kicking me on my right. All very reassuring.

Here's the link to my 35-week belly with Olivia.


  1. I'm sorry things are so tough for you right now! Just remember that once little Leo comes, it'll all be worth it!

  2. Hang in there. Just keep taking care of yourself and Leo! You're doing great!