Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas morning

I took photos of Christmas afternoon with Stephanie's camera, and I forgot to get those, so they will be posted soon. Here are pictures from Christmas morning that Steph's mother-in-law Cindy took. Thanks, Cindy! Love these!

Craig with his Harry Potter wand and his light saber! Be warned!

Abby with her pink BB gun. She was stoked!

And so was Craig about his youth 22.

Olivia's favorite gift of the morning was the curvy straw Craig got her.

Just looking cute in an old pair of Abby's Christmas pajamas from Mike and Cindy.

Cuddling up with uncle Brandon. Or, as Olivia called him, "Uncle Break Down".

Abby and her new turtle habitat for her turtle Tipsy.

Olivia and part of a cookie that Santa didn't eat.

All the kids helping Olivia open one of her presents.

Me looking rough, which was my perpetual state over the holidays. I didn't realize how high up I have to hold Olivia!

My dad and Abby putting together Olivia's stroller. Whoops! I guess I should have done that the night before!

Olivia holding Rudolph's hand while he sang. So cute!

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  1. What a sweet girl! Looks like she had a good Christmas :) And you look beautiful!!!