Saturday, January 14, 2012

"I drive! I drive!" and "I help! I help!"

This is what I hear whenever we approach the van now. Olivia loves to pretend to drive the car. She says, "Fast, fast." And then, "Whoa!!!" She likes pressing all the buttons, turning on the lights, using the steering wheel, and in general just being a ham.

Olivia is always "helping", too. I'll say, "Olivia, I am going to go get dressed now." She'll say, "I help! I help!" Here are some pictures of Olivia helping Daddy. Our solution to not having a guest bedroom anymore was to move my part of the office to the built-in bookcases and put a sleeper sofa in with Nicholas's part, making it more of a den. Here is Olivia helping Daddy move my desks out. (Incidentally, Nicholas brought the sleeper sofa home today and it doesn't fit through the hallway to the office. ARGH!!! So, we have a couch and a half in the living room and half a couch and a chair in the "den." Our curved sofa was two pieces, thus the 1/2 couches in two rooms.)


  1. She already wants to drive fast?! Oh Christine, you're gonna have your hands full when she turns 16 ;)

  2. Olivia looks like an excellent (and very cute) helper. Good thing you can't change gear without the car on. I had an adventure doing that when I was young. Ask Mom about that one :-)

    Also, you might want to look at the feet on the sofa (ours can unscrew.)