Sunday, January 22, 2012

Still waiting

Dr. Chwe has me on his calendar to be induced on Friday, but if my cervix hasn't changed since my appointment on Tuesday, he's going to cancel it. Although the risk of a c-section is small, he doesn't want to take the chance of inducing and causing one if my body isn't ready. That being said, he thought the likelihood that my cervix would be "favorable" is very good. We'll see. I'm calling Mom on Wednesday with the news, and if I go in on Friday, she will come Thursday to be here with Olivia. I'm ready!! My bags are in the van, and have been for a while. The diapers are out of the package. The sheets are on. Ready!

In the mean time, I've been walking with Olivia to the playground (or wherever) as much as I can. Here are some photos:

Riding the big girl swings:

Riding the dolphins:

I think that Olivia is finally understanding that Leo is coming. She looks in my belly button and says, "I see him!" Yesterday she brought me a peanut butter cracker and tried to feed it to my belly button. She said, "Baby hungry." Hilarious!


  1. I bet you are SO excited to finally meet him! It's really cute that Olivia is excited too :) Btw, I'm loving that little camo hat of hers!

  2. I'm glad Olivia is already "helping" Leo! That's very sweet! Have a great week! I'll keep my fingers crossed!