Sunday, February 5, 2012

Leo's here!! Wednesday, February 1

On Tuesday night, I thought my water might have broken...just a little bit. I was having some sign of that during some of my ever frequent contractions. But, I wasn't sure and my contractions weren't painful, so I went to bed after looking up on the internet that labor should be started within 24 hours of your water breaking. I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday anyway. I woke up around 5:30 (after being up some of the night with contractions/bathroom breaks/etc.) and was more sure that my water had broken...just a little bit. And I was having bloody show and frequent contractions about 4 minutes apart. I called the doctor at 6:30, and he said to come in when the office opened at 8. I was quite sure this was it by then, so I woke up Nicholas and had Mom take my picture with Olivia.

Early labor (which was much like the previous 4 months of contractions):

We got to the doctor's office a little after 8. Dr. Chwe was in surgery, so he couldn't see me right away. The hooked me up to the monitor, and my contractions were registering off the chart. I was in a little pain. It took a long time, so the doctor on call checked me to see if my water had broken. When he did, there was a huge gush of water, so no test was needed. I was 4 cm dilated and 90% effaced. That was at 9:30. There were no rooms at the hospital for me, so I labored in the office until about 11 o'clock. Nicholas helped me remember to breath and kept me focused.

When we finally got a room downstairs, I sent Nicholas out for our bags. He wasn't gone long. I really liked my nurse Allison. I was never able to read the book I brought because I had to focus to get through the contractions, and I was never comfortable enough between contractions to read. Dr. Chwe checked me at about 11 and I was 4.5 cm dilated and 95% effaced. He wouldn't allow me to walk the halls like I did with my labor with Olivia. He said the slow part of labor was over, and things would start moving quickly now.

He was right. By 1 o'clock I was 7 cm dilated. Between 11 and 1, I thought to myself, "Am I crazy to do this naturally again?" I decided I was and decided to get the epidural. I had heard too many good stories about them to make me fear them. (I worried it would make my labor longer and I would end up getting a c-section. I worried about the headache some people get. I worried about not being able to push effectively. I worried about not being able to walk for 14 hours after my labor ended.) Those fears were in vain. Dr. Carter gave me the epidural, and it was great! I immediately began to feel relief from my pain, and was actually smiling for at least a half an hour after. That was at about 1:30. I could still feel my contractions, though, and I could move my legs and my toes.

Around 2 o'clock, Leo was distressed. For about seven minutes his heart rate dipped well below normal. My nurse made me turn to my left. Then my right. Then she gave me oxygen. That finally helped. It was scary, though, and I cried. I was afraid for Leo. I was afraid I had done the wrong thing getting the epidural. I worried I would have to have a c-section, and I worried for Leo's health. Nicholas held my hand and was really reassuring. Just what I needed then.

I wore the oxygen mask for the rest of labor. Leo's heart rate periodically fell below normal during my contractions, but then came back up. Dr. Chwe said that overall Leo looked good, and not to worry. I tried not to.

By 2:30, I was about 9 cm dilated and Dr. Chwe said it would be about 15 minutes before I could start pushing. I asked my nurse not to change shifts. She stayed! She was supposed to go to the well baby nursery, but she stayed since I was so close to pushing.

By 3:10, I was pushing. I was able to be in a better position to push this time because Olivia got stuck on my pelvis and I almost had to lay flat. This time I could sit up and pull my legs up to me. That helped. Even with the epidural, this part was very hard and hurt a lot. It was really tiring, too. There were several points that I didn't think I could do it. Finally, around 3:28, I just couldn't stop pushing. The nurse said to just keep on going. I did. Then she said, "Stop, stop, stop. Don't push!" Leo was crowning and the doctor wasn't there yet. He came in about five minutes later, during which time I was doing funny breathing to stop myself from pushing. Dr. Chwe walked in and said, "No one crack any jokes" because if I had laughed, Leo would have shot right out of me. With my next contraction, that is what happened. Amazingly! I got to see him being born, unlike with Olivia where I was so oblivious because of the pain. Leo had the cord wrapped around his neck twice, which is why his heart rate kept dipping. I didn't get to hold him for about 30 minutes because he had trouble expelling all the liquid from his lungs. But, he wasn't in any real danger. They kept him in the room the whole time.

Welcome to my big, sweet boy!!

After Leo was born, Dr. Chwe worked on the placenta. That hurt a lot, just like last time. Dr. Chwe apologized and asked me if I wanted to "press the pain medicine button". Haha! I didn't even know I had one! So, I wasn't getting that much apparently. I pressed the button, and that made my left leg go numb for about an hour or so later.

Here he is after his first bath.

And here is Olivia meeting him for the first time. She loved him! I'm so thankful for both of my beautiful children!


  1. He's so beautiful!!!!! Glad to hear it all went well and you have your perfect, BIG boy finally here :)

    I agree with you about epidurals...I had one kid naturally and one with an epidural....NO comparison. Epidurals are the way to go! :)

  2. Hurray!! He's here!!! I bet it was pretty cool to be able to watch him being born ... yay for painkillers :)