Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And waiting...

Leo's head just isn't descended enough, Dr. Chwe said. That means that labor could be long, which could lead to c-section, and since there is no reason to induce, we aren't risking it. That's okay with me since I want what is best for Leo and for me. I am only a tad disappointed. My next appointment is Wednesday of next week, which was my original due date. Here is a picture at 38 weeks exactly. Do I look bigger than last week? Still eight lbs shy of the 32 lbs I put on with Olivia. I'm slamming the whole milk, though!

In other news, Olivia has discovered several new words including "important", "treasure", and "tennis". I let Olivia hold my keys in the grocery store and I told her that was an important job. Now whenever she sees the keys, she says, "I hold Mama's keys. Important job." Whenever we read Thomas's ABC book, where "I is for important", Olivia says, "Hold keys. Important job." She also found a picture of a treasure chest and wanted to find one. So, I put some jewelry in a box and let her decorate it with markers. About once a day now, she says, "Treasure!" Here is a picture of the treasure box.

And, on such a happy note, I know what I want Olivia to wear for the photos with Leo! I'm so excited that these fit now!


  1. 1. "slamming the whole milk" ... hahaha! That made me laugh :)

    2. Most of my "treasures" come in Banana Republic boxes too!

    3. How grown up does Olivia look in that picture?! And her hair is so cute fixed like that!!

  2. You'll make it, just take it appointment to appointment! Leo will be here before you know it!

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  4. You look great! You still have the body where you can't tell your pregnant from a certain angle, then surprise! You should try milkshakes, like Dad used to make for us (minus the raw egg.)

    Olivia looks darling in the outfit with her hair in the barrette. It looks like she is ready for someone to read to her. :-)