Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving, etc.

We had a pretty low key Thanksgiving this year since it was just Nicholas, Olivia, and I at home. I had lots of contractions that day and had to take the blood pressure medicine. It didn't really seem to help, and I had to take it again six hours later after having six hours of five-minute-apart contractions. Annoying. But we had a turkey breast, stuffing, and homemade cranberry sauce, so we were kind of festive.

I have gotten quite a bit done in the past week, though, because Mom and Dad came down late Friday. They helped put up the Christmas tree on Saturday and get out other decorations. Dad even put lights on the two spiral evergreens in front of our entry, so we are more festive than we have ever been! Dad flew back Sunday afternoon, and Mom stayed to help us. She watched Olivia Sunday afternoon while Nicholas and I went sleeper sofa shopping and then out to dinner for his birthday, which was Monday. Mom also watched Olivia while I finished making curtains for Olivia's room, which is now ready for Olivia to move into. I think we will do that tomorrow. Mom gave me time to rest, painted a bird house for Leo's room, painted a mirror for Olivia's room, and scrubbed all my floors. Thanks, Mom!! Plus, she played with Olivia a lot!! I wasn't very good at documenting the trip, but here is a photo of Mom and Olivia decorating the tree, which is definitely sparse this year as we only put on non-breakable ornaments and Olivia did (and is still doing) most of the decorating.

While Mom scrubbed floors, Olivia and I made a tent out of the dining room chairs. Olivia got a kick out of it!

And, while Mom was here, she explained football to Olivia. Now, Olivia asks to watch football every night after her bath while we are putting on her pajamas.


  1. I'm GLAD the trip is not well documented... that means you were doing good things with the time. I'm happy you were able to get some rest and an infusion of mothering of your own!!!

  2. Those pictures of her with Nicholas are adorable! I'm such a sucker for daddy/daughter moments like that ... :)