Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Puppy party!

Olivia and I went to our friend's second birthday party on Saturday, and it was super cute! Emily (the mom) did a fantastic job of decorating and creating activities for the kids. She had each child bring a pretend puppy, and then had boxes covered in white contact paper with fleece blankets in them to be decorated as the puppy's bed. You can see in the pictures below that the kids had a great time coloring and putting stickers on the beds. After they had finished, they had a puppy parade. The kids wore puppy ear headbands. Later they ate "Puppy Chow" and bone-shaped cookies. It was super cute. When they played outside near the end, Olivia was drawn to the little motorcycle, which I thought was funny since she had on her little boots.

Happy Birthday, Abby!! You've got a great Mommy! (Thanks for the photos, Emily!)


  1. Oh my gosh! I'm loving those boots!! And how cute is the little flower headband she has on ... she's so stylish! Maybe she can give me some tips :)

  2. I agree...sweet Olivia on the "Harley" is just too precious! :)

    Glad ya'll could come; we had fun!

  3. I think the picture of Olivia on your lap is great. Mommy and daughter look so beautiful. :-)