Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Last week was a little rough for Baby and me. I started having rather frequent contractions Thursday morning, and by Thursday afternoon, they were five minutes apart. By the evening, I was in the hospital with them two and a half minutes apart. Luckily, no other labor symptoms were present, so they sent me home. By Friday morning, I was still having them five minutes apart, so per instructions, I went back to the doctor and was hooked up to the monitors again. The doctor prescribed me some drugs to stop the contractions, but said to only take them when I had more than four in an hour. I've taken it three times since then as the contractions have spaced out significantly to about 20-30 minutes apart. I am tired from them, and I am having a lot of pelvic pressure, but other than that, they are just annoying. (I say this lightly, but poor Nicholas has been drying some tears every now and then when I get fed up with everything. He has also been helping around the house a lot more than normal and coming home as soon as he can after work so that he is home for dinner and bathtime every night, which is so wonderful.)

So that I could go to the doctor on Friday morning, I called Olivia's MMO and asked if she could come even though it wasn't her day. They said that was fine, and Olivia had a great time making an "Indian" headband and necklace. They were super impressed with her fine motor skills because she could thread the pasta and the beads herself.

Another milestone for Olivia is that she has graduated to a booster seat at the table. She loves sitting at the table with us instead of eating on her tray!


  1. I'm really sorry about the contractions. I'm glad Nicholas has been able to be there for you. You drop Olivia in as much as they will let you. It's good for her at this age, and it's good for you too!

  2. I'm sorry you're having a tough time ... I've been thinking about you!! Hang in there! I can be an ear to cry to if you ever need to vent ...