Monday, December 19, 2011

Leonidas Alexander Kraft

I realize that I haven't posted just about Baby in quite a while. Nicholas and I decided on a name a few weeks ago. Nicholas's middle name is Alexander, as is his dad's middle name, and his grandpa's first name. So, Alexander being the middle name was a given. We had a much harder time deciding on the first name. We were really close to Theodore, but I am not super fond of the nickname Theo. Nicholas and I both love the name Leo, which is what we will call our baby boy, but we wanted a full first name. We considered Leonard and Leonardo, but those just didn't seem right. Then Nicholas thought of Leonidas, and since it's origins are Greek like the names Nicholas and Alexander, it seemed to fit. I have the stocking monogrammed, so it is official!

I continue to think that Leo is going to be my easy, sweet baby. He has taken all these crazy contractions that my body has thrown at him with ease. I was at the hospital after hours with contractions on December 2, and the nurse commented on what a happy baby I had even though I was having contractions every couple of minutes. I haven't been back to the hospital with contractions since then, but I have had a lot of them, and continue to take the Nifedipine prescribed to stop them. Today I've been having them all day. This morning, Mom watched Olivia for an hour and a half while I laid down to try and get them to stop.

I am 33 weeks pregnant now. At my appointment last week, I was up 21 lbs from pre-pregnancy. I was measuring a few days ahead. I'm still not dilated or thinned at all, which is great. They did an ultrasound to check to make sure I wasn't thinned since I've been having so many contractions. My next appointment is Friday with the doctor here in Indiana.

I'm getting really excited to meet this little guy who I feel I am getting to know. I don't know if Olivia is aware that she will be getting a little brother soon or not. Sometimes I think so--she agrees when I say, "There's a baby in Mama's belly." Sometimes I think not because when I ask what is in Mama's belly, she only sometimes answers with "Baby!" She loves her dolls, though, so I am hoping she will just want to be a little Mommy with Leo and love him instead of wanting to send him back.


  1. We really talked a lot about "being a big brother" and "helping new little brother learn to play" a lot with John while I was pregnant with Christopher. I don't know if it actually contributed, but John is a super loving and helpful (not bossy) big brother. They have already started to playing together a lot, for which I am very thankful!!

    We can't wait to meet Leo!

  2. He will be the sweetest thing...and I am sure he can not wait to meet his momma. Boys are lots of fun. I was so scared that I would not be able to relate with Thurgood only b/c I had never really been around little boys until him. Now...I can not imagine my world without my little man. He will be so protective of his momma and compare every woman to you. You will be the smartest..most beautiful woman to him will all be so new and exciting. Plus...Thurgood will now have a buddy to play with.

  3. Glad to hear little Leo is doing well despite all the contractions!