Sunday, December 4, 2011

Olivia's new room!

We are getting a kids' table and chairs for the "kitchen" area for Olivia for Christmas, and we are thinking about a desk/vanity for under the mirror. That end table will move to the office/guest room once we get the sleeper sofa in. Anyway, I love the way it all turned out! Thanks to Mom for painting!

We have been playing in there for weeks, but today was the first day Olivia took her nap and went to sleep for the night in there. She fussed for a few minutes at naptime, but then took a great two-hour nap. Tonight, she also fussed for a few minutes, but fell asleep without any help from us. And, she has been sleeping through the night--from 7 PM to 5:30 AM consistently about five days a week lately! I'm so excited! Yay, Olivia!

Pictures of the baby's room to come! It is close to done.


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  2. Looks great! Your mom is so talented!