Monday, July 30, 2012

Pajama party and other stuff

Leo continues to grow up despite my protests. He is now taking solids twice a day. He really likes squash and pears, doesn't like peas unless they are in the peas, spinach, and pears mix, and likes his oat cereal mixed with breast milk. He also likes sweet potatoes and prunes. And that is about the extent of his diet thus far. His sleep continues to be bad, but Ferber, at this point is not working, and I refuse to let him cry for hours, which he has proven that he will do even if checked on at the assigned times. So, we will put that off until later and just let me be tired for a while. I really think that his bad sleep may be associated with him about to hit a milestone. There is another video of him pushing himself up looking like he is about to crawl.

Olivia continues to be a great big sister. You can tell that Leo wants to be just like her. Here he is trying to laugh when she does.

We had double Kindermusik today, which is the last one for the summer. It goes so much more smoothly when Nicholas is there to tag team with me. Thanks, Nicholas! Also, before going to Kindermusik, we stopped by the library to drop off Olivia's summer reading list so that she could get prizes. We pledged to read 320 books in this time. That sounds like a lot, but remember her books take about 5 minutes to read, and at a minimum, we read two books in the living room and one book in her crib before nap and bed time every day. That's six books a day for eight weeks. Add in reading while I nurse Leo, reading to Olivia's animals when we play animal rescue center (almost every day), and Daddy reading to Olivia while I make dinner/nurse Leo/am otherwise engaged, and we came up with 469 books!! Way to go Team Kraft!

This morning we had 13 kids in the house for a pajama party. Olivia likes to act out books and TV episodes, so this one was like a Max and Ruby episode where Ruby has a pajama party during the day. We had snacks, music and dancing, and "fashion magazines" (really, just Max and Ruby coloring pages) for the kids to play with. I think everyone had a great time!

Here are some of the silly things from Olivia lately:

Me: (I had just read a Dora book about wishes.) What do you wish for, Olivia?
Olivia: I want a big sister!

At night time in her crib after I have already tucked her in:
Olivia: Turn on the lamp.
Me: No. It's night time.
Olivia: I can't talk to you if you don't turn on the lamp.
Me: (I turn on the lamp.)
Olivia: I'm having a hard time falling asleep.
Me: Do you need another B? (That's what we call her burp clothes, which she uses as loveys.)
Olivia: Yes.
Me: (I get one and give it to her.)
Olivia: (Snuggles down on her pillow with it. I turn out the lamp and turn to go. Olivia pops up and says.) Make sure to check on Leo if he cries. (She also hates Ferber because Leo kept her up for two hours last week Wednesday night.)

Looking at the Vogue picture we have in our living room. (Mutti, you know the one.)
Olivia: Is that you?
Me: No.
Olivia: Is that a picture of you when you are old?
Me: No.
Olivia: Is that what you look like when you are old?
Me: I hope so.


  1. Looks like a fun party!

    Btw, we're all still waiting for those before/after hair shots :)

    1. I have the before...I just keep forgetting the after. When I got home after the cut, it had been combed through, so it wasn't as curly as normal. The next day, I didn't wear make-up. Sunday and Monday, I didn't think of it. Soon...

  2. Oh my goodness, look at all those children! It looks like it was a great PJ party. What a good idea!

    Also, I love that Leo laughs when Olivia laughs; it is too cute!