Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dora's birthday party, and Leo jumping

On Monday, Olivia wanted to throw Dora a birthday party. I'm always game for cake, so we baked a carrot cake and had balloons (ones she already had), and candles, and we sang Happy Birthday after dinner. Olivia blew out the candles.

Leo is getting good at bouncing. Here is a picture and a video.

On Monday, both kids started Kindermusik, too. Leo is in Sing and Sign and Olivia is in a Pirate themed toddler one. I went to each, while Nicholas hung out with the child not in music class. Both kids had fun. I did, too! Good teamwork, Nicholas! Pictures next week if I remember...


  1. You guys seem be adapting to "man on man" defense very well!

  2. Dora is pretty lucky to get such a delicious looking cake!!