Monday, July 9, 2012

Kindermusik (and other things)

As promised, I've got some pictures from Kindermusik this week. We go on Mondays back-to-back. Leo first in Sing and Sign and then Olivia in a beach themed toddler one. Today Nicholas met me there coming from work. He took Olivia to Jack's for a milk shake while Leo and I played at his class. We do what the title suggests: sing and sign. Leo doesn't have any signs yet, but we are focusing on "more", "milk", "eat", and "please." Here are some pictures:

Reading. Trying to prompt him to use the sign for book and for more.

Leo is trying to stand on his own, but he can do it easily for dozens of seconds at a time with support.

Trying to get a picture of us together since I took a million of Olivia and me together at this age.

Our German neighbors are moving back to Germany next month and they have lots of baby boy things for sale. I bought all their bibs (among other things...a big girl bed for Olivia! Whoa! But that is another post...). That is what Leo is wearing. Here is how Daddy changed it up so that when I got home, my boys looked like this--cute!:

And not to forget Olivia...she is awesome in class...really! She loves her teacher, Ms. Erin, too, and wants to play with her or talk to her throughout. She is fantastic at running these classes! Here are some pictures and a video of Olivia's class:

Pretending the scarves are kites that we are flying.

Reading a book about the beach on our beach blanket.

Using the egg shakers to make the noise of sand and singing about sand in our sandals, our blanket, and our sandwich. Oh, my!

And on to other things. Here is yet another video of Leo bouncing, but it is the funniest one yet. He is really into it. I moved the bouncer part up a notch after taking this because I realized he is getting too tall for that position.

Occasionally, Olivia will ask to hold or feed Leo. She really is a good big sister. She always wants to make sure Leo is coming with us. She doesn't want me to leave him at Mom's Morning Out when I pick her up. She wants to check on him during the day, etc. Here is one of the times she wanted to feed him. Leo, you will see, is a very tolerant baby.

And Stephanie sent Abby's old cow costume, so we have already gotten some mileage out of it dressing up and playing...


  1. Wow! I don't think I've seen a pic of Leo and Olivia together recently ... he's almost as big as she is! They are both so stinkin' cute!!

  2. I love the pics & videos! Olivia is such a good big sister. I like that she even tried to burp him. :-)

  3. Leo really looks so much like Nicholas!

    I second Stacey, he's a big boy!! And I would argue they are "punch yourself in the face cute," as Friend Becky would say!