Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Daddy-daughter trip

On Thursday of last week, Nicholas met me at Mom's Morning Out for the pick-up. He picked up Olivia and started the drive to Louisville for his cousin's wedding the next day. (The back story to this is that all four of us had planned to go, but the kids and I had just been up to my sister's place two weeks previously, and since the wedding was in Louisville and all four of us were going to stay there, the logistics were hairy. Plus, I had just started back to work and wasn't looking forward to working and then driving all in one day. So, then the plan was for Nicholas to just go on his own. He suggested a little later that he take Olivia with him. I agreed, and was pleasantly surprised he suggested it.) So, Olivia and Nicholas started their first Daddy-daughter trip.

Nicholas didn't take many pictures, so I don't have a lot to go on. I am waiting for some to get here from my phone that he texted me. All second hand, the trip went great! They arrived to Mutti's house late on Thursday night, and Nicholas put Olivia in bed without a bath and without a fight. On Friday morning, Olivia got up early. Nicholas got her breakfast and Mutti and she had some one-on-one time. From what I hear, they played a lot of "Doctor Olivia" and watched some Dora. Plus, Mutti got Olivia some special toys--a Dora doll that she brought home, and several new toys to add to the toys that Mutti keeps in a special closet just for Olivia to play with while she is there. Nice! Thanks, Mutti! (Today while we were in the car, she asked to go to your house! Later she asked to make a jump rope like you made her!)

Playing with Mutti and Dora.

Sleeping with her Dora book after wearing everyone out!

That afternoon, Mutti was exhausted by the time Olivia went down for her nap. After Olivia woke up and everyone got ready, Nicholas, Mutti, and Olivia drove over to Nicholas's cousin's hotel room so that Olivia and her second cousin, Bronson, who just turned two, could stay with a babysitter while the adults attended the wedding. Apparently this went pretty well. Olivia played on the iPad and played with the new toy Nicholas's Aunt Josie got her. Olivia actually asked me about Bronson when we were playing with that toy later when she got home, so he must have made an impression.

Nicholas got Olivia back to Mutti's and in bed on Friday night, and Olivia and Mutti had more one-on-one time on Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon, Nicholas and Olivia went to Grandpa Bill and Tamara's place, which is under construction. Nicholas said the construction looks cool and is excited to see it finished. I'll bet Grandpa and Tamara are, too! Nicholas, Olivia, Grandpa Bill, and Tamara went back to their place they are staying now and played, ate dinner out, and had more play time. From what I hear, Olivia was pretty tired by this point and had a couple of meltdowns, but did pretty well given all the change and circumstances. She really loved to play with Grandpa Bill and talked about that when she came home.

Olivia reading to her puppy, Chuck, at Grandpa Bill's house.
That night, Olivia slept in a big bed for the first time on her own, and had a hard time falling asleep. But, she slept without waking during the night. When she woke in the morning, Nicholas and she were on the road within an hour. He said it was a mostly uneventful trip. When Olivia got here, Olivia was excited to see me and I her. We played the rest of the evening and got back into our normal routine on Monday.

A HUGE shout out to Nicholas. You did great taking a two-year-old on a trip without her Mommy! Not a lot of dads would do that! Fantastico!

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