Monday, July 23, 2012

We are all tired...

It's been a good week, really, we are just all tired. Nicholas has been working very hard on his career proposal for the NSF, and his schedule was completely inverted by Thursday of last week. He went into work in the afternoon on Friday and stayed until Saturday morning. He woke at 7 PM on Saturday, helped me with baths, and hasn't been home since. I took the kids for a picnic lunch at his office yesterday and brought him breakfast today. He is almost done. Thank goodness, for everyone. He needs to sleep about 24 hours. Hopefully we will be back on schedule by the end of the week.

We did fun things, too, though. Last week we did double Kindermusik on Monday with Daddy tag-teaming it with me. (Today I attempt it on my own. We'll see if we make it to both.) We went to the library for new books (met my limit of 20) on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday and made it to story time on Wednesday. On Friday we went to gymnastics. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my work days and Olivia and Leo's Mom's Morning Out days, and those went well, as well. Olivia likes to pretend drive the van now and drop me off at Mom's Morning Out when we play at home together. We are working on getting rid of the mid-morning nursing and replacing it with solids so that I don't have to pump at work. We're closer. On Thursday, he ate a pack of prunes (60 calories) and only took two ounces of milk. We also hit CHOM on Saturday and Sweet Cece's trying to stay out of the house for a while so Daddy could get some rest. Leo's sleep schedule is horrid, and I have asked Nicholas to help me with it once his schedule settles down. I have created a little monster who only wants to sleep in bed with us.

I didn't record much from the week. Here are a few pictures of Leo eating a rice cracker,


playing on our bed,

and in his first pair of shoes yesterday!

Here is Olivia walking in a pair of my heels. She would not stop to let me get a better picture, but she walked from my closet across the house to her bathroom. Hilarious!

This is Olivia playing dress-up at CHOM.

And here is a little video of Olivia writing a card (she really thinks that she knows how to write) to Grandma Dorothy...and others

This is of Olivia playing "music". I realize now that she wanted me to continue "introducing" her.


  1. Wow! No wonder you guys are tired! Sounds like you did a super-fantastic job of surviving and having fun despite lots of challenges! It will get easier, then harder again, then easier... I know you know the drill by now!

  2. Such sweet babies! Hope your all's schedule settles down soon!

  3. I love that you made time for a picnic at his office so everyone could spend a bit more time together during the hectic week. Very nice.