Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween 2014 Activities

In October, we did lots of Halloween activities, which I will review in pictures!

 First, we had a Pumpkin Decorating party on October 25 with a few of my friends from Clemson and their families who now live "close" to us! The kids had loads of fun and so did the grown-ups.

Jay and Carissa's seven year old boys were super fun and Leo LOVED them!
Olivia hung out with the grown ups a little more and made little foam creatures and wrote a book, after seeing Lucas write one! She calls it her "Family Book." Ha! I am proud that she didn't have to ask me how to spell anything! See below!

The next day, October 26, Olivia and Leo's school had trunk or treat. Leo was a surfer who didn't want to carry his surfboard. Olivia was Princess Anna from Frozen. The kids had fun, despite Leo not wanting his picture taken!

Then, on Halloween day, Olivia's school had a songfest in the morning with lots of songs I had never heard of before, but Olivia sang wonderfully...

This is Olivia's "Hedgehog" class. There are ten kids, two teachers, and you can see who the tallest girl is!!

 Then I helped host Olivia's class Halloween party...

There was lunch, games, crafts, a story, and dancing!

I worked hard on her hair, so I thought I would make this picture big!

Olivia dancing the "Monster Mash" with the boy she likes, Jackson.

Then there was actual Halloween night Trick-or-Treating!! Nicholas took them at first while I handed out candy and cleaned a bit to get ready for our visitors the next day. Then, Leo wanted to come home and eat his candy, so the boys gave out candy and the girls got more treats!!


Leo LOVED giving out candy! And Olivia LOVED getting it!!


  1. Fun! Forget tallest girl, Olivia is the tallest kid! I'm super impressed with her hair, too!

  2. I love that Olivia was Anna and not Elsa! I agree about her hair; you did an awesome job. It's amazing how much she looks like you
    Olivia is one smart cookie - no spelling help is impressive.
    I love Leo's face in the first Halloween picture with Nicholas. I can almost hear him!