Tuesday, November 18, 2014

And other activities, for the grandparents, in pictures

A lot of these are Facebook repeats, but since several of the grandparents don't Facebook, I thought I would share here, too! Just a few more things we've been doing!

Here Olivia is drawing a picture of Dad! Notice the little bit of hair on his face and head! Ha! She had just finished a portrait of Leo and had positioned him on his chair. So funny!

The first cold day at Pullen Park, and Olivia insisted on riding in her own train seat because she is over the height limit to ride on her own! Ha!

Another Pullen park day when Olivia wanted to ride the carousel on her own since she was tall enough, and she did for the first time. Leo and I weren't into it anyway--that thing is the fastest carousel ever! And the picture of Leo is when I asked him for a taste of his chocolate pumpkin pop, and he said, "You don't like this kind!" which totally meant no! Ha!


Later that day visiting Daddy on campus and seeing the huge robot at the library!

Another time playing indoors on a cold, wet day--using boxes instead of other toys for a dollhouse and a sled!

We discovered another playground a bit ago, and the kids really liked it. Olivia especially liked the low monkey bars and made it across them for the first time on her own!

At a playground we've been to before, but here this picture is so sweet of Olivia "teaching" Leo how to build something!

Olivia is still really enjoying her ballet/gymnastics class! (Much to my annoyance since it is expensive and late in the evening, but we are sticking with it until Christmas. Then I am pulling her since there is no way I am taking a newborn and Leo to entertain while she does her class in the dark at 5:30 in the evening! We'll have to find another one!)

School picture of the kids! Super cute!!

Since we are traveling on Thanksgiving as last minute plans, I went ahead and made our turkey on Sunday, and it was delightful! We had a mini-Thanksgiving here that day and the kids got a kick out of eating on china and drinking juice from crystal cups!

Olivia LOVES china! So, when we some in from outside on a cold day, her favorite thing is hot tea with real china cups! Mine, too!

This is me enjoying my time with just Leo on the days when Olivia is in school, but he is not. Today he picked the playground, which he often does, despite it being 34 degrees!

And when we came home and it was a balmy 36 degrees, Olivia wanted to be a princess and frolic in the yard. The girl is fancy!

And I did a little puffy paint with the kiddos on Saturday while we watched the Alabama game, and they loved it! After painting, you microwave the art to make it puff up, so it is part art, part science and super easy, too!

Olivia's butterfly! 


  1. I love your kids' unique personalities!!! and omg that school picture of them holding hands..........die. so cute! :)

  2. I agree, it's fun to see how their personalities are developing. Thanks for posting these!

  3. Can't believe how grown up they look in the school pictures!!