Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Funnies


  • With Daddy
    • Olivia: Daddy, I cleaned all the leaves and dirt off your car.
    • Nicholas: Great! Thanks!
    • Olivia: ...with this block of wood.
  • With me
    • Olivia: When I grow up and have kids, I am going to have a big back yard, build them a tree house, and get them a trampoline.
    • Me: Okay. That sounds fun. Can I come to visit you and your kids?
    • Olivia: Will you be alive then?


  • With Daddy
    • Nicholas: Leo, please don't press on the speaker like that. You could poke a whole in it.
    • Leo: I'm not pressing, I'm rubbing.
    • Nicholas: Why?
    • Leo: Trying to get this icky brown stuff off.
    • (That one's for Grandpa Bill, on the wax I got on the speaker years ago and which we just can't get off....)
  • With Siri (yes, he loves Siri on Nicholas's phone)
    • Me: Let's go downstairs.
    • Leo: I want Daddy to come.
    • Siri: What is your father's name?
  • With me when I woke up coughing and sick this week
    • Me: I need a tissue.
    • Leo: You can wipe it on my clothes!
    • Me: That's okay, Leo. I'll get a tissue.
    • Leo: Sick? Need a cough drop? I can get it!

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