Sunday, November 9, 2014


The Pennas came to visit for a quick visit last weekend!! Even though the weather was cold and misty, we had lots of fun taking the kids to the playground, catching up, reading books, and playing!

Juliet and I went out for Mexican just us on Saturday night!! The men stayed  home with the kids and ordered pizza for dinner! Win-win!

Before they were on their way the next morning, and in the midst of meltdowns from my kids, Tony played soccer with the kids in the cool weather in the backyard! Fun!

Thanks for making the trek to see us! And please come again soon!! We miss you!


  1. Definitely worth the trip. And your camera made the weather in the first pictures look even better than it was!
    Thanks for having us. We'll come again after the new baby gets settled in!

  2. A few comments: Are the rocks in the first picture part of a playground or is that a park? EIther way, it looks fun despite the weather. It looks like the kids had a great time together and I love that you had a girls night.
    Also, Olivia's legs look so long!! She getting to be such a big girl.