Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Visitors x 2!

Aunt Stephanie, Craig, Abby, and Luke made the trek to visit us mid-June! We had a blast going to the playground, the pools in our neighborhood, and to Pullen Park. Steph let me have some time to check out preschools, so she watched five kids at once...totally super mom!! The kids, as always, did great playing together...even Craig who had walking pneumonia! Here are some of the pictures of the kids at the park:

Olivia loved the swim suit that Abby left her! And Leo wanted me to take his picture, too!

Grandma Dorothy came to visit us a week later, and again the kids had a ball! I enjoyed the help with the kids so that I could do some unpacking and make lots of phone calls, and Nicholas and I got to go out on a date! Woo! Woo! Here are some of the pictures:

Waiting on Grandma at the airport:

Swinging with Grandma while I got my NC driver's license:


 A little picnic in a new little place!

Playing on the moving sidewalks after dropping Grandma off!


To head off the let-down of Grandma leaving, we went to a new kids' museum Marbles and got a membership! Love it!


We're getting settled in!

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  1. I'm glad you had fund with visitors, had some help, and found a children's museum. I know CHOM used to be a big part of your lives, so that is wonderful.