Friday, June 20, 2014

Whew!! We're in our new house!!

Seriously, it didn't take as long as this post would make you believe given that it has been 18 days since my last post. We closed on our house here in NC on June 2, stayed in a hotel one more night since we didn't have a refrigerator in the new one--let alone beds! The next day, Tuesday, the movers came and so did the new refrigerator. I just entertained kids all day, and Nicholas helped the movers and set up beds so that we could sleep in our new house that night. Here are some pictures of our excited kids in the new house!

I still am not quite sure where my good camera is since there are a few places where we are definitely not unpacked: (1) the office, (2) the garage, and (3) the master closets. So all these pictures are backlogs from my phone. I will someday soon find said camera and take pictures of the house! Nicholas's dad and his wife Tamara came to help us unload and unpack and also to bring us more furniture, as this house is 150% the size of our last one! I was SO thankful for the help! While everyone else was unpacking, I was taking kids to this park right outside our neighborhood:

Or to Pullen Park in Raleigh, which is super fun!

Or to the pool and water play area in our neighborhood!

Although the kids' things are unpacked, the first floor is essentially finished, the playroom is almost finished, I feel like there is a lot to be done. We have an entire closet filled with pictures that hung in our old house, and I am hesitant to put any holes in the walls of our new house. I haven't printed off pictures from our last photo session in late March/early April, so I don't have those to hang. And there may be some changes in furniture in kids bedrooms regarding rocking chairs and big boy beds in the near future, so I feel like no room is really complete. Nicholas is still putting up blinds that we ordered, too. But I will take some "in progress" pictures soon!

Here is the playroom and part of Olivia's room from some photos I took and posted on Facebook...for the non-Facebookers.

 And, thankfully, we are all making friends. I have the number of a woman two doors down with kids the same age and gender as mine. And on her recommendation, with looking at other places, too, our kids are going to the same preschool in the fall. Olivia is making loads of friends at the pool. Here is one, Bella, who is super sweet. Olivia is in the bikini with the side ponytail. Ha!


  1. I'm so excited for you and your family. The house looks great. It seems you are well on your way to be settled in your new home. I love the phone pictures. I can't wait to see more when you have time - ha!

  2. I'm so glad you already have a friend with kids the same ages as yours. That makes all the difference! I can't wait to come see you all!