Monday, July 28, 2014

Free at last!! Pneumonia free, that is!

Finally, by Thursday last week Olivia and Leo both felt well enough to get out of the house. Olivia attended the last two days of her Vacation Bible School at her new school. She had a great time! Leo and I hit the playground Friday morning with some of our neighbors, and it was just what the doctor ordered for this outside girl!

On Saturday we ventured out to Pullen park and stayed for three hours--pretending to put on plays, walking around the lake and feeding the ducks Goldfish, and riding the rides. We, again, had a blast!

The ducks followed us around the lake.

Leo on the train! He loves the train!
Olivia discovered that the sign said she was tall enough to ride on her own, so she decided to ride away from Leo and me, so she was kind of on her own! Ha!

I still don't see the draw of the kiddie boats, but the kids insist on them every time! 

And we made it to the pool for the first time in weeks on Saturday. Leo cracked me up in Olivia's goggles!

We hit a new playground yesterday, but it rained soon after we arrived...

So we tried it again today for a couple of hours! This playground is awesome! It has at least five distinct play areas with sand boxes with water, different kinds of swings, preschool pretend play area, a gym that looks like a hamster's cage where the kids loved pretending to be hamsters, a slide like a roller, a dragon area to play on, and lots more! Plus it was wheelchair accessible and mostly shaded!! Loved it!



I'm so happy to live in a place with so many beautiful parks and playgrounds!! 

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  1. What an awesome place! Can I go? I'm so glad that everyone is feeling well. Now if you could just catch up on sleep!