Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fun things we've been doing

Building castles for numbers--Leo's idea!

Visiting RDU's observation deck to see planes take off, pretend to be a plane on a runway, and have a picnic with friends!

Making headway with the baby's room... Ha! We thought when we bought this house that we would have a dedicated office, but now this will ultimately be the baby's room. So, organizing it hasn't been first priority!

Playing dress up!

"Ice skating" in the bath tub!

These don't really fit with this post, but I thought I would give you the lay of the land on the second floor. Master bedroom on left, picture taken from playroom, Olivia and Leo's room on right down the hall, and office/baby room and laundry room on immediate right.

Third floor "media" room--cast off furniture, the big TV, and the record player.

And a bathroom on one side and storage closet on the other side. This is why we have no storage space--because the "attic" is finished!

Olivia went to a gymnastics camp this week! I was SO impressed that she went without knowing anyone, didn't cling to me or cry when I dropped her off, and had a great time! Doesn't this place look awesome! It has a zip line, huge pits of foam blocks they jump in from a trampoline, and lots more! I came late yesterday, so I just got this picture of them reading a story before pick-up. Turned out Olivia had a 101.5 fever at that point. She looked terrible. She doesn't have pneumonia--I know because I rushed her to the doctor in a panic--just a summer cold. No more gymnastics this week!

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  1. Your house looks great! Can you do the same sort of organization in this garage as the last one?
    It looks like the kids are having fun, but poor Olivia! Is she on the mend?