Thursday, July 31, 2014

Friday funnies


  • After Olivia donned her finest dress from Abby this morning. (This cracks me up because Leo knows just what to say. Ha!)
    • Olivia: Leo, how do I look?
    • Leo: Good.
    • Olivia: Thank you, Leo.
  • While "reading" one of their books
    • Leo: Olivia, read this to me!
    • Olivia: I can't read Leo. I can only read some pages.
  • Later while Leo was reciting what he had memorized from one of his books
    • Olivia: Mom!! Listen. Leo is learning to read!
  • After missing Olivia while she was at Vacation Bible school
    • Leo: Olivia, I missed you so much! (hugging her)
    • Olivia: I love you, Leo.
    • Leo: I love you so much, Olivia!

1 comment :

  1. They are so sweet together. I love that Leo knows what to say. What a smart guy!