Monday, July 28, 2014


Mutti came to visit last week from Thursday to Thursday, and the kids had lots of fun playing with her! Her brother, Matt, stopped by with his wife, daughter, and three of his grandkids on Saturday. We had a blast eating, talking, playing, walking to the playground, playing there, and then coming back for dessert. We didn't think to get a picture of the kids together until it was almost time to go, so this is what we ended up with!

From left--Olivia, Charlie, Max, Kai, and Leo. Charlie and Kai are (Nicholas's cousin) Marti and Jeff's two. And Max is (Nicholas's cousin) Trent and Lynn's oldest.

Mutti didn't want any pictures of her, but I have a few of the kids playing inside. Leo was still coughing up pneumonia and Olivia was diagnosed with walking pneumonia while Jane was here. Sigh. We had a lot of inside days, and I felt like all I did was clean.

Breaking out the castle for the first time in the new house!

He called himself "Rocket Man"!

"Want to dance?" Leo asks!

In one of many costume changes!

Olivia took this one and said, "I got a good one, Mom!"

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