Wednesday, July 9, 2014

4th of July trip to Indiana

The kids and I made the trek to Indiana for the first time from NC, leaving on July 3rd at 5:25 AM. That was the way to go because even though the kids didn't go back to sleep, I am a morning person and was pretty faded by the evening.  We stopped at Jane's on the way in to say hello and then spent the rest of the weekend until Monday morning at my sister Stephanie's house. The kids had SO much fun! And we adults got a pretty good visit in, too!

Here are some pictures that I took:

Olivia hugging Leo in the bathroom because he is afraid of the loud hand dryer. Olivia finally taking a nap after I bought a hair band that doubled as an eye mask so she could close her eyes.

At the golf course before "Thunder over Corydon" where there was an awesome, free twenty minute fireworks show. The kids had a blast!! (This was after our 12 hour trek, so I was pretty exhausted by now.)

And after a full day of playing, Heidi and Alex set off fireworks that Dad bought outside of Steph's house! It was pretty cool, too! The kids were super cute! The one of the far right of the picture is my cousin's daughter Lily, who played and played with Olivia and Abby!

For more of what we did, I am stealing my sister Heidi's blog post.

The drive back was pretty bad. We were all tired on Monday and the drive was long. And after all that, Tuesday I realized Leo's cough and fever were maybe abnormal, so I took him to our new pediatrician. He has pneumonia! Poor baby! Both kids fell asleep on the way home. They were worn out from the trip.

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  1. I didn't even realize you took fireworks pictures! Link away. It's rare that we get to do this, so I'm glad you did.
    Poor baby indeed! And poor mama!