Sunday, August 3, 2014

First Friday

The kids were thrilled to meet Daddy at the kids museum Marbles after work on Friday. Raleigh does this cool thing on the first Friday of each month extending museum hours and having specials at local restaurants to encourage business in the downtown. Despite the rainy weather and no nap from Leo, we all had a great time! Since Nicholas has been sick for over a week with (what I think is) a sinus infection, they were even more excited to spend fun time with Daddy! Both of them just wanted him when we picked him up from work and headed over to Marbles. (I was kind of tired, so this was, of course, fine with me!) We are still discovering this museum, so the kids had a blast showing him what we had already seen and playing with new exhibits! I think we may try to make this a monthly tradition!

Scooting and shooting hoops in the first picture; playing giant chess in the second!

Water play in the first; learning about money in the second!

Building and racing our own race cars was my favorite part!

Oh! And on the way to pick up Nicholas from work, on a whim, I asked Leo for the hundredth time if he was ready for a haircut. His hair has been getting into his eyes and gets plastered to his forehead when he sweats. He, of course, said no. But when I offered him a chocolate milkshake if he was good and got one, he said yes! Check out these pictures! Ha! His little curls are gone from the back, but they will grow again, I hope!

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  1. I'm glad you have a great museum for the kids! Are you members already?

    Ha. Yes, they will grow back. Since boys wear their hair so short, it seems like it grows inches each week!