Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Jane came in for Olivia's birthday last Wednesday, stayed for Olivia's recital on Saturday, and then left on Mother's Day after her boyfriend Jefferey came down to meet us and meet her to take her to meet his family in Birmingham. It was great to have Mutti here to play with the kids and to visit with! We had lots of tea parties, Lego building, games of Operation, puzzles, and just being silly!

Jefferey was also a hit! Leo showed him all around the house, told him his full name: Leonidas Alexander, and asked him to help with his Thomas puzzle. Olivia was slower to warm up, but when Jefferey said, "Thank you, ma'am" when Olivia gave offered him a plate for his brownie, she was sold. Then she asked him to play Operation after lunch.

Thanks for coming, Mutti! We're looking forward to a visit from you and Jeffery in NC!

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