Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Olivia's first ballet recital!!

Olivia had her first ballet recital on Saturday! The theme of it was "Peter Pan" and her class did their dance to "Wendy." The girls were darling and all did so well! I recorded her dance on dress rehearsal day when she didn't do as well, but you can get the gist of the dance here:

Here are some photos of my sweet girl in her costume, which is what she liked best about recital! That and gossiping with her friends backstage about whose costume looked most like Elsa. It starts early!

Olivia really did learn a lot of ballet this year, although I can't tell you what all it was. But I can tell from the way she dances around the house that she had fun and learned new ways to move and hold her body. She also learned to take direction and criticism from someone else and learned more life lessons of getting along with others, patience, and practice makes perfect! All valuable! I'm glad she did it, but I was sure glad when it was over!

The only picture of Olivia actually on recital day! She had glitter in her hair, was smiling and happy, and was glad to get roses from Mutti and Daddy!