Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Party, Olivia!

Olivia had a beautiful day for her 4th birthday party Saturday! Last year it rained so hard that she and her friends hardly got to do much at the Barnyard, where we booked it. Olivia begged all year to have it there again. I kept saying no, but when we decided to move to NC, we gave in and booked it again. It was a good move! We ended up having a showing of our house at the same time as the party, so we really couldn't have had it here, anyway. But, back to the party.

First, we let Olivia open the hand made dress from Grandma Dorothy, which I knew she would want to wear! She LOVES it!!

She party got started quickly with feeding fish and ducks and then a boat ride!

Then the kids checked for eggs...

Bottle fed a lamb...

Played with a piglet...

Fed animals...

And held baby animals--ducks, chicks, bunnies, and rats!

When the rats came out, Leo went back to the sheep!

Then there was a pony ride!

Washing hands...

A hayride...

And finally cupcakes and snacks!!

Hooray for beautiful weather, nineteen kids in one place having fun, so many helpful parents, and a great birthday party!!


  1. I love her dress!!! And even more....that she wore it to a barnyard, ha! :)

    Not crazy about the rats though. Gross!!

    1. I agree! I was a bit shocked when they brought them out!