Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday funnies


  • One morning as I was trying to get Leo dressed before school, he ran to the garage door where Olivia was waiting on us.
    • Olivia: Leo, can I tell you something?
    • Leo: I'm naked boy!
    • Olivia: Modesty.
  • One of Olivia's thoughts one day. She obviously thinks that she will grow up, but expects Leo to stay the same age!
    • Olivia: When I grow up and I'm a mommy and you're not in the house, I'll take care of Leo!
    • Leo: No!! You're Olivia.
  • Last night when I was exhausted from a long day, Leo threw the fingernail clippers I was trying to use on him. I put him in time out in his room. When I came back to the living room, Olivia said this.
    • Olivia: Mom, I know Leo can be hard sometimes.
    • Me:(laughing) You're right.
    • Olivia: Like when we were in the backyard today and he wasn't doing what I was telling him. So, I know he can be hard.

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  1. I love Friday funnies. These are great! Olivia is so smart & Leo is hilarious!