Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy 2nd birthday, Leo!

I simply could not get a good picture of Leo wearing this shirt on Saturday morning. I really don't think it is foreshadowing of things to come! And seriously, he did have a great birthday!

Leo turned two years old on Saturday, February 1!! Of course, in Kraft style, we opened presents right away in the morning. 

Olivia was obviously excited to help!
Aww!! So much fun to have a birthday!


 We got him a little slide that's been fun since it has been cold, but I predict even more fun sliding into the baby pool this summer!

Later on Saturday morning we hit the library--one of Leo's favorite places since he gets to find books, go up stairs, and run away and hide in the stacks in the children's area. The kids are looking at the rocket paraphenaliea on the left, and I am trying to get a good picture of Leo in his "i am 2" shirt on the right.

And then we went to Fun Factory for one of Olivia's friend's birthdays. (It is a warehouse with a bunch of inflatable bouncy houses and other games.) I called the mom and okayed it with her, and I'm glad I asked since both Leo and Olivia had a blast! 

This is Leo with his best friend Thad, who came with his big sister, too! 

After naps, our friends Brooke and Jason brought their kids Laura Kate and Thad over to the playground in our neighborhood to play. The day was gorgeous! And the kids had loads of fun running around. Leo and I took the stroller back to the house about ten minutes ahead of everyone else, to start making Leo's other favorite meal: cheese quesadillas, black beans, fruit, and cupcakes. When everyone was here, the kids had their own kids table, the adults actually got some conversation in, and there was a lot of playing going on!! I did a terrible job, as usual, of photographing the event--I wish I had got some shots of the playground and of Leo's "birthday balloons" as he has been calling them ever since! In any case, here are some gems of this hilarity that is two three-year-old big sisters and two almost-two-year-old little brothers! We ALL had so much fun!

Not surprisingly, we didn't get a good family picture, but it wasn't because Jason didn't try!

Notice that the boys preferred the super market mini cupcakes I bought for Leo's school party the day before, which I have no pictures of because it was over in a flash, to the actual birthday cake!

Happy birthday, sweet Leo! I cannot believe that you are two years old! You really will always be my baby!

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  1. If I was turning two, I think that'd be my perfect birthday day too! :) Great job on the cake btw. Made me want to go make one, ha!