Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sick days

On Sunday after we came home from the zoo, we spent two hours outside riding bikes and going to the playground. When we got home, Olivia insisted she was super cold and needed to warm herself by the fire. She asked Daddy to hold her, and he was happy to oblige since she doesn't often request a real cuddle session. Olivia didn't want to eat, and it turned out she had a fever. That night she went to bed early, and had a very bad night. She was up so much that I ended up bringing her to our bed, and Nicholas slept in the office. 

By six AM, her fever was 102.9, she was vomiting, and she had asked for an ice pack for her lower right side. When she asked for an ice pack, the thought of an appendicitis occurred to me and I called the pediatrician. By this time, Olivia felt horrible. She didn't want to get dressed or brush her teeth. She didn't want to get out of bed. I packed a bag for the hospital in case we needed to go there, and headed for the pediatrician's office first since they arrived at 7:30. The nurse said that it was very unlikely Olivia had appendicitis since she was able to walk on her own. I took this as good news. But Olivia continued to complain of her side hurting and fell asleep in my arms while we waited for the doctor. We saw the doctor about 8:15, and she agreed that it was very unlikely appendicitis, although she would have been more keen to consider it had Olivia been a couple years older. On a whim, Dr. Gambrell suggested doing a strep test on Olivia even though she hadn't been complaining of her throat hurting. Olivia cried and clutched me when the nurse tried to swab her throat, but then finally relented when I explained that the doctor couldn't stop her headache, vomiting, and fever if she didn't do tests. So, five minutes later Olivia was diagnosed with strep. Dr. Gambrell said that some kids presented strep this way, and Olivia would probably have these symptoms again if she ever gets strep. 

Nicholas had taken Leo to school and met us at the doctor's office. While I took her home, he ran to my office to get my laptop since I had pressing work and then went to pick up the prescription. Olivia took the antibiotics without throwing up, but then wasn't able to keep down her Tylenol four hours after her last dose of ibuprofen when her fever was 103.9. I called back the doctor worried that her fever was so high. By this time Olivia was shaking and shivering, screaming when I tried to convince her to get in the bath tub. While I went to the pharmacy for Tylenol suppositories on the advice of the pediatrician, Nicholas stayed with Olivia, held her and calmed her down, and convinced her to get into bed. The pharmacist and I were concerned about the amount of Tylenol that Olivia might have had in her system since she threw up an undetermined amount. And, honestly, I really didn't want to have to try to give her a suppository. So, Olivia napped when I got home for about an hour and woke up asking for ice pops and fruit. She kept part of a Bomb pop, two strawberries, and some grapes down. Her fever had come down to 102.3 and things were looking up. By that afternoon, Olivia wanted to go outside and sit on the porch and put her feet in the grass. I was so relieved!

These pictures are when Olivia's fever was super high. It was the worst I have ever seen her feel, and I hope that remains the worst I ever see her feel in all her days. Poor sweet girl.

The next day, we had an at-home-pajama day so Olivia could recuperate. (Read: We missed ANOTHER ballet class--that's five since the beginning of January due to weather and illness. Argh!) We had lots of activities, though!

Painting the flowers Daddy bought her.
Even Leo decided to stay in his pajamas and play with marbles!

Later we played the Princess and the Pea outside. Leo was Prince Leonidas who loved Cheetos.

I really need to pass those pants on to Luke!

We used a real pea under one of those pillows and Olivia thought that was awesome! Leo just liked the Cheetos!

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  1. How scary! I'm glad it wasn't what you originally expected & that it didn't linger.

    Things I love about this post:
    Olivia's awesome artist outfit & easel
    Leo playing with silicone bake ware so it doesn't bang each time he drops in a marble (good thinking!!)
    That Price Leonidas loves Cheetos
    That you used a real pea in your playing!