Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day, 2014!

Valentine's Day isn't a big holiday in our house, even though Olivia and Leo made SO many Valentine's this year for their school friends, their other friends who are the kids of my stay-at-home-mom-friends, and our family. We decorated a bit at Olivia's insistence with paper heart banners and paper heart pendants hanging from the fans in our house. Olivia and Leo also played postman around the house delivering Valentine's for a couple of weeks since that is part of the fun! On the actual day, Olivia and Leo had a sock hop at school. Olivia wouldn't wear the '50's outfit I had for her because according to her,"the sleeves feel funny." So, she wore her ballet outfit to school and Leo just wore a Valentine's shirt. I am such a failure at getting my kids to dress in cute outfits and stay clean! Here is the link to Olivia's teacher's account of the day.

That evening we celebrated Valentine's day by making heart pancake kabobs. Olivia has been wanting to make pancake kabobs for a while now since we read an Arthur book called "Arthur Flips" where Muffy has a recipe for pancake kabobs. We got a lot of fruit and pancakes and Olivia assembled the delicacies! On Fridays, Olivia gets to take a shower and we get out the blow-up mattress and let the kids watch a TV show before bed and have snacks. They love this! So, that is how we celebrated Valentine's Day, and it really was lovely to do that as a family of four!

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