Friday, February 21, 2014

Sunny days!

I love the sun! No, really, I LOVE the sun! I'm not the I-want-to-lay-out-and-bake type, but I am the I-need-a-bit-of-sunshine-everyday type. I love to get outside everyday and get the kids out, too. Here are some pictures of us doing just that during the past couple of weeks.

We attempted to go to cheer on Alabama at an indoor men's tennis match two Sundays ago, but the noise inside was scary to Olivia, so we headed outside and enjoyed the beautiful facility and the gorgeous sunshine!

We stopped by a playground we hadn't been to in a while on Thursday and lots of fun in the sun! We even had a picnic lunch there, which the kids got a kick out of! We had so much fun that we repeated the trip on Saturday morning! Olivia loves to pretend that the middle play gym thing is her business. Sometimes she is a seamstress and she wants me to pretend to by Aunt Heidi dropping off some fabric to make baby booties or a baby blanket for Isaac. Sometimes she is a banker, a dry cleaner, or a chef. She cracks me up! Leo loves the swings, and wants me to push him "High to the sky!"

On Sunday, all four of us went to the Birmingham zoo, and enjoyed each other, the animals, the children's zoo, the train, the carousel, and the sunshine!

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  1. I love the new design, all the wonderful pictures, and the cutest video ever.

    I'm so glad you were able to get out & enjoy some good weather for a change.