Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mr. Leo and Miss Olivia

Leo had his well check-up Thursday. He weighed 29 lbs 12 ounces (70th percentile) and was 35 and 3/4 inches (87th percentile), which put his BMI in the 40th percentile and the doctor was pleased with. His hemoglobin stick showed he has sufficient iron. Poor little guy had to have a second Hep A shot, and he wasn't thrilled about it, but he didn't cry for long when Olivia told him he could have a "lolli!"

The birthday balloons!

 We had a lazy day last Sunday. I tried cleaning the house by getting the kids interested in other things. We did twenty minutes of playtime and then twenty minutes of cleaning. Often, I cleaned and they continued playing, which was fantastic! Here is the library tent!

Then we did some play dough. Leo loves making stuff that resembles food!

Later that afternoon, we played "daycare." Olivia is Miss Olivia, Leo is Mr. Leo, and I am Ms. Christine. Usually I am the teacher, Olivia is a mom, and Leo is the older sister to one of the dolls. The way they play is so endearing. Leo likes to pick up his little sister and take her to the playground or help her with a number puzzle. Olivia always drops fun things off for her baby to play with. So cute!

Monday, we did some chalk. Did you know if you did chalk in water and then use it on paper, it is very bright? I didn't, but now I do! Leo's class did that last week for his "Great Master's" week.

And whenever we can get outside to bike, we do it. Even in five minute increments! Olivia is totally into it, and I'm glad! Leo is starting to really be able to move the trike, too!


In an effort to combat the February blahs, I decided to pick up the kids from school on Wednesday and drive to Birmingham to the science center. They were both stoked, and neither napped there or back. I was waiting for a melt-down from Leo, but just a minor fit happened which was taken care of with a snack. I am SO glad we went, though, because NO ONE WAS THERE!! and because of that Olivia was brave enough to do a lot of stuff she hadn't ever before. Here are some bad pictures snippets of the trip.

And Grandpa and Tamara's present for Leo came this week! The kids love it! Ha! Thanks!

And I promise to get some silly quotes up here from these kids. This was on Facebook, but for grandparents, here is what happened the morning after Leo's birthday:

Me: Good morning, Leo! What do you think we should do today?
Leo: I want my birthday again!

And this is from one evening when Olivia and Nicholas were reading, with Olivia actually doing the reading.
Olivia: Daddy, I can't see the pictures if I am trying to read!

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  1. I like your new header against the chevron pattern!

    I love!!! the library tent. That's wonderful! I'll have to tell people about that one.

    Also, "I want my birthday again" is the most darling thing ever. You must have made it wonderful for him to want to repeat - great job!