Friday, February 28, 2014

Nothing much

We haven't really been up to very much. Just the same old playing, going to the library, ballet, working, laughing at our silly kids and hanging in there. Nicholas got strep throat after Olivia and was very sick for several days, but he is thankfully better now. Here are some pictures from the past week or so.

Painting continues to be a favorite activity. This was one evening after going to the playground when Daddy promised to paint with Leo.

Olivia wanted this sign for her room after seeing a similar one in Max and Ruby. I wrote. She drew. Ha! Now she turns it around when Leo is allowed in.

After taking one of Olivia's friends to ballet with us Tuesday and having the friend's carseat in the middle seat, Olivia insisted that her carseat should be in the middle so that SHE can help Leo instead of Amelia. Amelia handed me something that Leo wanted to give me, and this really upset Olivia since she thought she should be the one to help!

We took care of one of my friends cats last weekend, and the kids LOVED it! The cats perhaps less so! 

We took an afternoon trip to the McWane Science Center on Wednesday and had a great time, even without naps from either kid! They have a new robot exhibit out that the kids were mesmerized by!

The goldfinches are here in abundance, and the kids get a huge kick out them! I do, too!

The mall is a favorite place of the kids since they like to get 25 cent candy, throw pennies in the fountains, climb on the play cars/trucks that you can pay 75 cents for a ride, and generally just look at stuff. Here is why I am not going to take the kids with me to VS anymore. I stopped in for something basic, and Olivia looked around and said, "There are lots of things here in my size! I love this pink store!" On the way out, I had a hard time getting Leo to leave. See below. Oh, my!

And a post script is that Nicholas came home early today and played with the kids while I went to my first yoga class in forever! It really was Yoga Bliss! And the kids had a wonderful time playing play dough, doing Easter egg hunts, and ballet dancing with super Dad while I was gone. This is the Easter dress Olivia talked me into at the mall the other day as it was 40% off. Now to find outfits for the rest of us to match!

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