Sunday, September 29, 2013

An ode to Nicholas (mostly in pictures)

I don't give Nicholas enough credit--on the blog, or in general--for all the things he does for our little family. I am so proud of the work he does in his career. I have been able to get a little better glimpse this year at how hard he works and how valuable he is to UA. His work makes it possible for me to have so much time with the kids that otherwise would have to be spent working. I don't overlook all the things that our family has and is able to afford because of his hard work!

And beyond that Nicholas is a great hands-on dad! Often when he gets home from work, he is immediately thrown into taking care of both kids while I finish dinner. And I LOVE that he meets that with a smile and with silly things to do. (See pictures below.) 

Our new bedtime routine has Nicholas and I alternating nights to give baths (while the other cleans the kitchen) and then we alternate which child we each put to bed. This has been going great, and I love that Nicholas is "all in" on this. 

He is our wonderful van-loader and unloader on trips...seriously he has mad spacial-relations skills! No one would ever believe all the stuff we cram into that van! I am the planner in the family, but I am so glad that Nicholas is "go with the flow" enough to let me be...and to be happy being dragged around to activities and events from going to birthday parties, nature walks, pools, football "tailgating", weddings, family trips, and everything else I make him do. 

And it's not so rare that at the end of a long day Nicholas offers to fold the last load of laundry for me and pack the kids lunches so that I can go to bed. Thank you, honey! I appreciate everything that you do for me and for us!

Here's to you, honey!

Playing goats in the backyard. The castle is the barn. Olivia named Leo "Little Boy Blue" and she is named "Gilda". Nicholas is obviously the farmer.

I was taking Leo's picture while he played trains, and Olivia suddenly said, "Take our picture!" So cute of both of them!

Notice that Nicholas is actually holding Leo up. Leo has on rain boots and is just balancing.

Now Olivia wants a turn on the scoot bike.

I love the progression of Leo in these photos.

Nicholas is adjusting the seat for Olivia.

While Leo decides to do something else! Ha!

A boy and his dad!
Checking out the new fountain outside Daddy's office.

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