Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stacey's lovely wedding

My friend Stacey got married this weekend! 

And what a wonderful weekend it was! Usually weddings are so hectic and so much work for the bridal party that it is hard to enjoy them...but not this one! And usually brides are so stressed with last minute things to do that it is hard for them to smile and relax and enjoy the festivities. But not Stacey! I was SO impressed with her this whole weekend. She was cool, thoughtful, and sweet all the times I saw her. Stacey was the ultimate planner--thinking of everything ahead of time so that the weekend went very smoothly. (I should have expected this from Stacey, who I met and became friends with in graduate school. She was my prelim study buddy--we studied together three hours a day for six months preparing for our qualifiers.) Stacey's maid of honor, Felisa, was also super great about thinking ahead and planning fun events! Nicholas, the kids, and I drove in on Thursday and got to Jane's house around five thirty. Stacey's bachelorette party was at Uptown Art in Louisville, and we had a great time there!! Stacey chose the painting, Felisa planned the food, Ellen (the bridesmaid next to me) brought novelty cupcakes, and I brought carmel and chocolate dipped pretzels. The group of ladies were great and the art was fun to make, too! Here are a series of shots leading to the big reveal!

Friday, Nicholas took the kids to Stephanie's while I went to the bridal shower luncheon. (I swear the lighting in there made for extremely horrible pictures.)

That afternoon we went to have our nails done, courtesy of Stacey, which gave the bridal party a little time to get to know one another. Later that day was the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, which Stacey and Mike decided to have a great pizza place downtown Louisville. It was a wonderful casual atmosphere, and the slideshow that Stacey's little brother put together of Stacey and Mike was the hit of the evening...in close competition to the yummy cake balls...that Stacey's mom let me steal a few for Olivia and Leo!

On the day of the wedding, we all got our hair done and then headed to Stacey's house to help her get ready. In reality, her hair and make-up were ready and she was just waiting on us to finish up getting ready so that we could start pictures of us "getting her ready." Stacey's mom was so thoughtful with lots of food for us, and after we helped Stacey zip into her dress and put on her jewelry, she was wisked away for a "first look" photo shoot meeting with Mike while we girls ate. 

To say the least, Stacey looked gorgeous on her wedding day. Her dress was beautiful, her hair and make-up looked great, and she was just beaming with happiness. The day was beautiful, too--sunny and fair. The wedding ceremony was touching and the homily from the deacon was heartfelt.

After pictures at a nearby park, it was reception time! It was a beautiful setting at a room on the 25th floor overlooking the river at sunset. Stacey and Mike were so cool and gracious, and extremely fun!! I have never been to a wedding where so many people danced for so long!! Truly, there were at least thirty people on the dance floor for over two hours. And I was one of them for much of it, if you can believe it! Nicholas even danced one dance with me!

So, here's to Stacey and Mike! Congratulations on your wedding and all the very best to you in the years to come!!


  1. Pass on my congratulations to Stacey and Mike. I'm always happy to see joyous and personally meaningful weddings.

  2. What a great shower idea! It sounds like it was an excellent weekend all around. :-)

  3. Oh, and I love your bold paint colors!

  4. Christine, you flatter me so! You failed to mention the amazing group of women who supported me on my big day. You were all so beautiful and played a big role in keeping me calm whether you realized it or not. I am so, so happy that you were there with me. I hope you post some of the beautiful pictures of yourself when we get them back :)

    1. You're too sweet, but seriously, you were awesome!! I, of course, did my part to make you look good: the worse I looked, the better you did! Ha!

      I'm glad the honeymoon was fun!

  5. P.S. honeymoon is awesome so far!